College of Arts and Sciences

Fall 2015 Colloquium Series

  • All colloquia are held in Student Building 150 at 3:35 pm unless otherwise indicated.
  • For more information, please contact Majed Akhter or Susan White.

Aug 28

IU Geog

Welcome back

Sept 4

Adam Ward

Coupled reversion and stream-hyporheic exchange processes increase environmental persistence of synthetic hormones used in cattle production

Sept 10 (Thursday)

4 - 5:30 p.m.
SB 005

Marc Doussard

UIUC – Urban and Regional Planning

In Partnership with the Work Themester

What Comes after the Minimum Wage? The Struggle to Define Good Jobs After Fordism

Sept 18

Lisa Sideris
IU Religious Studies

Anthropocene Ethics and Environmental Justice: Pope Francis's Climate Encyclical

Sept 24
4 - 6 p.m.
ED 1120

Cedric Nunn and Andrew Lichtenstein
In partnership with the IU Center for Documentary Research and Practice

Landscape, Memory Trauma

Sept 25

11 a.m.
SB 005

Edgar Espinoza
IU Geography

Proposal Defense: Barriers to pro-environmental action: assessing the role of perceived external constraints on water conservation behaviors in rural Costa Rica

Oct 2

Bill Moseley
Geography, Macalester College

Problems with the Ricardian Food Security Dream: Botswana's Conundrum of Growth with Hunger

Oct 16
4:15-5:30 p.m.
(*please note new time!)

Jamie Winders
Geography, Syracuse University

In partnership with IU Asian American Studies Program

Following Research Questions to New Places: Immigration and Interdisciplinary Work

Nov 13
11 a.m.
SB 005

Hamed Gholizadeh
IUB Geography

Research Proposal: Combining machine learning and remotely sensed band-ratios to investigate chlorophyll content and photosynthetic processes

Dec 4

Nikolas Zirogiannis

State regulation of unconventional gas development in the U.S.: An empirical evaluation

Dec 11
11 a.m.
SB 005

Nitasha Sharma
IUB Geography

Research Proposal: Dark tourism in India: rituals and representation of death