College of Arts and Sciences

Fall 2018 Colloquium Series

  • All colloquia are held in Student Building 005 at 3:35 pm unless otherwise indicated.
  • For more information, please contact Taehee Hwang or Susan White.

Aug. 24
(Friday 3:35 pm)

Department Introduction


Sep. 7
(Friday 2 pm; SPEA 278)

Martin Doyle (Duke University)1

Limits of the Trump (and Obama) Infrastructure Initiative: Why Private Investment in Federal Water Resources Remains Impossible

Sep. 14
(Friday 3:35 pm)

Kathy Baylis (UIUC)


Sep. 27
(Thursday 5pm; Global and Int'l Studies 2067)

Rohit Negi (Ambedkar University Delhi)2

Breathing in Delhi: Science, Citizenship and Justice in Urban India

Sep. 28
(Friday 3:35 pm)

WJT Mitchell (University of Chicago)3


Sep. 29 (Saturday 4:15 pm; CAHI Building)

Jason Dittmer (University College London)3

The Unbearable Whiteness of Captain America

Oct. 11
(Thursday 4 pm; SSRC)

Laura Ogden (Dartmouth College)4


Oct. 26
(Friday 3:35 pm)

Leigh Johnson (University of Oregon)5


November 2
(Friday 3:35 pm)

Daniel Knudsen

The Implications of Lacanian Theory for Understanding Authenticity in Tourism

November 9
(Friday 3:35 pm)

Matt Himley (Illinois State University)

The Future Lies Beneath: Mineral Science, Resource-aking, and Territorial Production in Late-Nineteenth-Century Peru

November 29
(Thursday 4 pm; SSRC)

Dawn Biehler (University of Maryland BC)4

A Place for Creatures: People and Other Animals in New York's Central Park

1SPEA Environmental Policy Seminar
2Dhar India Studies Lecture
3Cultural Studies Symposium Keynote Presentations
4Themester Speakers
5Visher Lecture series