College of Arts and Sciences

Spring 2017 Colloquium Series

  • All colloquia are held in Student Building 150 at 3:35 pm unless otherwise indicated.
  • For more information, please contact Majed Akhter or Susan White.

Jan 13

Jo Varga, IUB Departments of History and Labor Studies

‘They can’t move the limestone to Mexico, right?’:
Geographies of the new precarity in Southern Indiana

Jan 20

Benjamin Cook, Columbia University Earth Institute

2017 Visher Speaker

The future is not the past: Drought in a warmer world

Feb 3

Esteve Cobera,  Universitat AutonĂ²ma de Barcelona

Patterns of authorship in the IPCC Working Group III report

Feb 17

Seema Golestaneh, IUB Department of Central Eurasian Studies

Open sounds, hidden spaces: Listening, wandering, and spatial formation in Sufi Iran

March 2
(Thurs, 730pm)

President’s Room, Franklin Hall

Michael Watts, UC Berkeley, Department of Geography

2017 Patten Lecturer



March 25

Allison Hayes-Conroy, Temple University, Department of Geography and Urban Studies

2017 GPS Speaker and 2017 Ruby Prior Speaker

Scaling visceral geographies of youth activism: From internal feelings to international collaboration

April 14

JiHyun Kim, IUB Department of Geography


April 21

Jim Dyer, Ohio University, Department of Geography


April 28

Christiana Ochoa, IUB School of Law