College of Arts and Sciences


Core Faculty

Majed Akhter
Assistant Professor
SB 204
(812) 855-7971
Globalization, Development and Justice, Water Resources
Water law/policy, Political ecology of development, Agrarian political economy, Marxist geography and geopolitics, Modern Pakistan and South Asia
Ishan Ashutosh
Assistant Professor
SB 310
(812) 855-6303
Urban Geography, Political Geography, Cultural Geography, Migration/Diaspora, Postcolonial Studies
Elizabeth Dunn
Associate Professor
SB 104
(812) 856-2847
Effects of large bureaucratic systems during periods of cataclysmic social change
Tom Evans
SB 112
(812) 856-4587
Climate, Land and Environmental Change, Food and Agriculture, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Globalization, Development and Justice, Water Resources

Human-Environment Interactions, Agricultural Decision-making, Water Governance, GIS/Spatial Modeling

Darren L. Ficklin
Assistant Professor
SB 101
(812) 856-5047
Climate, Land and Environmental Change, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Water Resources
Watershed hydrology and water quality modeling, Impacts of climate change on the hydrologic cycle, impacts of climate change on aquatic species and ecosystems
Tae Hee Hwang
Assistant Professor
SB 120
(812) 855-1153
Climate, Land and Environmental Change, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
Ecohydrology, Remote Sensing, Landscape Ecology
Daniel Knudsen
Professor & Chair
SB 308
(812) 855-4083
Food and Agriculture, Globalization, Development and Justice
Cultural Geography, Landscape, Food and Tourism Geography
Rebecca Lave
Associate Professor
SB 312
(812) 855-0940
Globalization, Development and Justice, Water Resources

Critical physical geography, Political Ecology, Political Economy and Social Theory, Science and Technology Studies, Stream Restoration and Fluvial Geomorphology

Justin Maxwell
Assistant Professor
MSB II 310
(812) 855-5557
Climate, Land and Environmental Change
Climatology, Biogeography, Dendrochronology, Forest Disturbances
Scott Robeson
SB 202
(812) 855-6303
Climate, Land and Environmental Change, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
Climate Change Detection, Impacts of Climate Change and Variability, Spatial Data Analysis, Environmental Statistics
Roman Zlotin
Senior Lecturer
SB 203
(812) 855-7956

Adjunct Faculty


Eduardo Brondizio
Professor, Anthropology
SB 236
(812) 855-8162
Socio-ecological systems, environmental and economic anthropology
Timothy Brothers
(317) 274-1101
Biogeography, Carribean
Kelly. K. Caylor
Princeton University
SB 120
(812) 855-6303
Stephanie DeBoer
Associate Professor, Film and Media Studies
(812) 856-3708
Transnational or global film and media studies; film and media co-production; film and media's intersection with space, place, and location; East Asian film and media; Japanese and Chinese language film and media; inter-Asia cultural studies; memory and film/media; "new" media and globalization; film and media theory and criticism
Danilo Dragoni Biosphere-Atmosphere Interaction, Plant-Water Relations, Instrumentation
Owen Dwyer
(317) 274-8808
Urban Geography

James Farmer
Assistant Professor, Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies
PH 133
(812) 856-0969
Environmental behavior, Sustainable behavior, Land trusts, Conservation easements, Local food systems, Sustainable agriculture

Chunfeng Huang
Associate Professor, Statistics
(812) 856-7827
Spatial statistics, geostatistics, smoothing splines

Kimberly Novick
Assistant Professor, SPEA
(812) 855-3010
Forest Ecology, Ecosystem Carbon and Water Cycling, Biometeorology

Faiz Rahman
University of Texas GIS and Remote Sensing
Rinku Roy Chowdhury
Clark University
Land Change Science, Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, Cultural and Political Ecology, GIS/RS, and Landscape and Conservation Ecology
Philip Stevens
Rudy Professor, SPEA
SPEA 233
(812) 855-1460
Atmospheric Chemistry
Dallen Timothy
Arizona State University International boundaries, heritage tourism and conservation, religious tourism, politics of heritage, global tourism
Jeffery S. Wilson
(317) 274-1128
Remote Sensing/GIS

Emeriti Faculty

Bennet Brabson
Professor Emeritus, Physics
SW 201
(812) 855-3881
Wind Energy, climate change
Dennis Conway
SB 120
(812) 855-0571
Development, Transnational migration, Migration-development relationships
Charles Greer
SB 120
(812) 855-4083
Resource Management
Emilio Moran
Michigan State University Tropical ecosystem ecology, Amazon Basin, Secondary successional forests, Human ecology
Ernest Wohlenberg Environmental Geography