Indiana University Bloomington

Elizabeth Dunn

Associate Professor, Department of Geography

Office: SB 120
TEL: (812) 855-1153


Ph.D., 1998, Johns Hopkins University


Elizabeth Dunn is a geographer who looks at the bureaucratic management of labor, displacement and food in postsocialist Eastern Europe. She works in Poland and the Republic of Georgia. Her first book, Privatizing Poland, focused on workers in one of the first state-owned factories to be privatized after the fall of the Berlin Wall and asked how techniques ranging from audit to quality control reshaped ideas about personhood among the firm’s employees and helped create the necessary cultural underpinnings for a market economy. After 16 months of fieldwork in a settlement for people ethnically cleansed during the 2008 Russo-Georgian War, Dunn is currently working on a book about how the bureaucratic practices of global humanitarianism prevent displaced people from socially reintegrating, and instead strand them in camps and keep them dependent on aid.