College of Arts and Sciences

Tom Evans

Tom Evans Professor, Department of Geography

Office: SB 112
TEL: (812) 856-4587

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., 1998, North Carolina


  • Human-Environment Interactions
  • Agricultural Decision-making
  • Water Governance
  • GIS/Spatial Modeling

External Research Funding


  • G237, Cartography and Geographic Information
  • G338/G538, Geographic Information Systems
  • G411/G511 Sustainable Development Systems
  • G438/G539, Advanced Geographic Information Systems
  • G439/G639, Topical Seminar in Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Science
  • G501: Research Problems in Geography II

Representative Publications

  • Schmitt-Harsh M, Evans TP, Castellanos E, and Randolph JC. 2012. Carbon stocks in coffee agroforests and mixed dry tropical forests in the western highlands of Guatemala. Agroforestry Systems (Online First).
  • Sweeney SP and Evans TP. 2012. An edge-oriented approach to thematic map error assessment. Geocarto International 27(1):31–56. DOI:10.1080/10106049.2011.622052.
  • Evans TP, Phanvilay K., Fox J, and Vogler J. 2011. An agent-based model of agricultural innovation, land-cover change and household inequality: the transition from swidden cultivation to rubber plantations in Laos PDR. Journal of Land Use Science 6(2-3):151–173.
  • Kelley H and Evans T. 2011. The relative influences of land-owner and landscape heterogeneity in an agent-based model of land-use. Ecological Economics 70(6):1075–1087.
  • Andersson K, Evans TP, and Richards KR. 2009. National forest carbon inventories: Policy needs and assessment capacity. Climatic Change 93:69–101.

Student Theses and Dissertations

  • Mikaela Schmitt-Harsh, PhD in progress
  • Monica Paulson-Priebe, PhD in progress
  • Chuck Winkle, M.A., completed 2010
  • Shanon Donnelly, PhD, completed 2009
  • Wenjie Sun, PhD, completed 2006