College of Arts and Sciences

Daniel Knudsen

Daniel Knudsen Professor, Department of Geography

Office: SB 308
TEL: (812) 855-4083

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., 1984, Indiana


  • Cultural Geography
  • Tourism Geography
  • Geographies of Food
  • Landscape Studies


  • G369: Geography of Food

Representative Publications

  • D.C. Knudsen, J.M. Rickly-Boyd and C.E. Greer (2014). “Myth, national identity, and the contemporary tourism site: The case of Amalienborg and Frederiksstaden.” National Identities 16(1): 53-70.
  • Knudsen, D.C., M.M. Metro-Roland and J.M. Rickly-Boyd (2012). “Landscape Studies and Tourism Research.” In P. Howard, I. Thompson and E. Waterton, eds. Companion to Landscape Studies. New York: Routledge, forthcoming.
  • D.C. Knudsen and J.M. Rickly-Boyd. (2012). “Tourism Sites as Semiotic Signs: A Critique.” Annals of Tourism Research, 39(2): 1252-1254.
  • D.C. Knudsen and C.E. Greer (2011). “Tourism and Nostalgia for the Pastoral on the Island of Fyn, Denmark. Journal of Heritage Tourism. Journal of Heritage Tourism 6(2): 87-98.
  • Knudsen, D.C., J.M. Rickly-Boyd and M.M. Metro-Roland (2011). “Landscape Perspectives on Tourism Geographies”. In J. Wilson, ed. Routledge Handbook of Tourism Geographies. New York: Routledge, pp. 201-206. D.C. Knudsen, M.M. Metro-Roland, A.K. Soper, and C.E. Greer (eds).(2008)Landscape, Tourism and Meaning. Aldershot, Hampshire, UK: Ashgate.
  • D.C. Knudsen and C.E. Greer (2008). “Heritage Tourism, Heritage Landscapes and Wilderness Preservation: The Case of National Park Thy. Journal of Heritage Tourism 3(1): 18-35.
  • D.C. Knudsen, A.K. Soper and M. Metro-Roland (2007). “Gazing, Performing and Reading: A Landscape Approach to Understanding Meaning in Tourism Theory. Tourism Geographies 9(3): 227-233.


  • Chair, Department of Geography, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Director, Landscape Studies PhD Minor Program, University Graduate School

Student Supervised

  • Angela Babb, Ph.D., in progress
  • Megan Betz, Ph.D., in progress
  • Beth Ciaravolo, Ph.D., in progress
  • Daniel Johnston, M.A., in progress
  • Nian Liu, Ph.D., in progress
  • Scout Meyer, Ph.D., in progress
  • Philip Roth, Ph.D., in progress
  • Amy Savener, Ph.D., in progress
  • Nitasha Sharma, Ph.D., in progress
  • Elizabeth Vidon, Ph.D., in progress
  • Stephen Volan, M.A., in progress
  • Zachary Machunda, International Effects and the Information-Theoretic Shift-Share Analysis of Change in Geographical Concentration of Indiana Manufacturing Employment, 1950-2000, Ph.D., 2014
  • Patrick Alles, Internationalization Strategies of Small and Medium Size Liberal Arts Colleges, Ph.D., 2013
  • Rebecca Clouser, (co-supervisor), Interrelations between Fear and Development in Guatemala:  A Multi-Perspective Analysis, Ph.D., 2013 ,
  • Angela Babb, Community Food Security: The Role of Alternative Food Networks in Food Deserts, M.A., 2013
  • Jillian Rickly-Boyd, On Lifestyle Climbers: An Examination of Rock Climbing Dedication, Community, and Travel, Ph.D., 2012
  • Gloria Maleski, A Comparative Analysis of the Traits and Travel Motivations of Ecotourists and Conventional Tourists in Wisconsin, M.A., 2012
  • Cameron Meyer, The Influence of Advocacy Groups and Clubs on Recreation and Travel Behavior of Mountain Bikers in the United States, M.A., 2012
  • Lisa Braverman, Touring Persuasion: Birthright Israel and Ideological Implications of the Enthymeme, M.A., 2010
  • Yan He, Splendid China Park: A Case Study of Cultural Contestation, M.A., 2010
  • Brian Johnson, The Mis/alignments of Land Use Controls with Perceived Local Preferences in Porter County, Indiana, Ph.D., 2010
  • F. Claire Lucas, Conceptualizing Citygarden: Public Space and Private Power in Saint Louis, Missouri, M.A., 2010
  • Christine Mathenge, Effects of Migration Influx, Occupance and Land Acquisition on Changing Land Tenure Patterns in Southwest Uganda, Ph.D., 2008
  • Michelle Metro-Roland, Reading Signs, Interpreting Meaning & Placing Culture in the Budapest Landscape, Ph.D., 2008
  • Lei Xu, F-2: The Experiences of Chinese Trailing Spouses in the U.S., M.A., 2008
  • Brian Johnson, Nature, Isolation, and Affordability: An Examination of Exurban Migration Motivations in Indiana, Illinois, and Texas, M.A., 2006
  • Anne Soper, Cultural Heritage, Identity, and Tourism in Mauritius: Moving Beyond the Tourist Graze, Ph.D., 2006
  • Zhigang Tang, The Urban Housing Market in a Transitional Economy: Shanghai as a Case Study, Ph.D., 2006
  • Altynai Yespembetova, Tourism Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan, M.A., 2005
  • Nikolas Heynen, The Social Processes Contributing to Urban Environmental Change: Indianapolis's Inner-city Urban Trees, 1962-1993, Ph.D., 2002
  • Wenjie Sun, The Geography of the Internet, M.A., 2002