College of Arts and Sciences

Rebecca Lave

Rebecca Lave Associate Professor, Department of Geography

Office: SB 312
TEL: (812) 855-0940



Ph.D., 2008, UC Berkeley
MCP, 1997, MIT


  • Critical physical geography
  • Political Ecology
  • Political Economy and Social Theory
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Stream Restoration and Fluvial Geomorphology


  • G208: Human/Environment Interactions
  • G315: Environmental Conservation
  • G316: Economic Geography
  • G341: Ecological Restoration
  • G449/549: Political Ecology

Representative Publications

  • Lave, Rebecca. 2012. Fields and Streams: Stream Restoration, Neoliberalism, and the Future of Environmental Science. Athens: University of Georgia Press.
  • Lave, Rebecca. 2012. "Neoliberalism and the Production of Environmental Knowledge." Annual Review of Environment & Society no. 3 (1):19-38.
  • Lave, Rebecca. 2012. "Bridging Political Ecology and STS: A Field Analysis of the Rosgen Wars." Annals of the Association of American Geographers no. 102 (2):366-382.
  • Lave, Rebecca, Martin W. Doyle, and Morgan M. Robertson. 2010. "Privatizing stream restoration in the U.S." Social Studies of Science no. 40 (5):677-703.
  • Lave, R. 2009. "The controversy over Natural Channel Design: Substantive explanations and potential avenues for resolution." Journal of the American Water Resources Association no. 45 (6):1519-1532.
  • Bernhardt, E.S., M.A. Palmer, J. D. Allan, G. Alexander, K. Barnas, S. Brooks, J. Carr, S. Clayton, C. Dahm, J. Follstad-Shah, D. Galat, S. Gloss, P. Goodwin, D. Hart, B. Hassett, R. Jenkinson, S. Katz, G. M.
    Kondolf, P. S. Lake, R. Lave, J. L. Meyer, T. K. O’Donnell, L. Pagano, B. Powell, and E. Sudduth. 2005. "Synthesizing U.S. River Restoration Efforts." Science no. 308:636-37.