College of Arts and Sciences

Scott Robeson

Scott Robeson Professor, Department of Geography

Office: SB 202
TEL: (812) 855-7722

Publications and Software

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Ph.D., 1992, University of Delaware
M.Sc., 1987, University of British Columbia
B.A., 1984, University of Delaware


  • Climate change detection and impacts
  • Statistical analysis of environmental change
  • Spatial statistics and time-series analysis

Current Projects


  • G250 Computing in the Geospatial Sciences
  • G304/532 Physical Climatology
  • G477/577 Topics in Climatology
  • G488/588 Applied Spatial Statistics
  • G489/589 Advanced Geospatial Data Analysis
  • G602 Seminar in Climatology

Recent Publications

  • Ficklin, D. L., J. T. Abatzoglou, S. M. Robeson, and A. Dufficy (2016) "The influence of climate model biases on projections of aridity and drought," Journal of Climate, in press. Abstract
  • Huang, C., H. Zhang, and S. M. Robeson (2016) "Intrinsic random functions and universal kriging on the circle," Statistics and Probability Letters, 108, 33-39. Abstract
  • Schoof, J. T. and S. M. Robeson (2015) "Projecting changes in regional temperature and precipitation extremes in the United States," Weather and Climate Extremes, in press. Abstract
  • Robeson, S. M. (2015) "Revisiting the recent California drought as an extreme value," Geophysical Research Letters, 42, 6771-6779. 10.1002/2015GL064593. Abstract
  • Willmott, C. J., S. M. Robeson, K. Matsuura, and D. L. Ficklin (2015) "Assessment of three dimensionless measures of model performance," Environmental Modelling and Software, 73, 167-174. Abstract
  • Gholizadeh, H., S. M. Robeson, and A. F. Rahman (2015) "Comparing the performance of multispectral vegetation indices and machine-learning algorithms fo remote estimation of chlorophyll," International Journal of Remote Sensing, 36, 3114-3133. Abstract
  • Robeson, S. M., C. J. Willmott, and P. D. Jones (2014) "Trends in hemispheric warm and cold anomalies," Geophysical Research Letters, 10.1002/2014GL062323. PDF
  • Robeson, S. M., A. Li, and C. Huang (2014) "Point-pattern analysis on the sphere," Spatial Statistics, 10, 76-86. PDF
  • Sato, N. and S. M. Robeson (2014) "Trends in the near-zero range of the minimum air-temperature distribution," Physical Geography, 35, 429-442. PDF
  • Bogonovich, M., S. M. Robeson, and M. Watson (2013) "Patterns of North American fern and lycophyte richness at three taxonomic levels," American Fern Journal, 103, 193-214. PDF
  • Huang, C., H. Zhang, and S. M. Robeson (2012) "A simplified representation of the covariance structure of axially symmetric processes on the sphere," Statistics and Probability Letters, doi: 10.1016/j.spl.201.03.015. Full Text
  • Willmott, C. J., S. M. Robeson, and K. Matsuura (2012) "A refined index of model performance," International Journal of Climatology, DOI: 10.1002/joc.2419. PDF
  • Huang, C., H. Zhang, and S. M. Robeson (2011) "On the validity of commonly used covariance and variogram functions on the sphere," Mathematical Geosciences, doi:10.1007/s11004-011-9344-7. PDF
  • Hayes, J. J. and S. M. Robeson (2011) "Relationships between fire severity and post-fire landscape pattern following a large mixed-severity fire in the Valle Vidal, New Mexico, USA," Forest Ecology and Management, 261, 1392-1400. PDF
  • Nickl, E., C. J. Willmott, K. Matsuura, and S. M. Robeson (2010) "Changes in annual land-surface precipitation over the twentieth and early twenty-first century," Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 100, 1-11. PDF

Recent Graduate Students

  • Sara Johnson, Persistence of upper-air temperatures over North America, M.S., in progress
  • Hamed Gholizadeh, Machine-learning approaches to remote estimation of terrestrial and aquatic chlorophyll concentrations, Ph.D., in progress
  • Jared Desrochers, Analyzing snowfall change and teleconnection relations with a standardized snowfall index, M.S., 2009
  • Melissa Davis, Using local and synoptic meteorological conditions to estimate the probability of Santa Ana events, M.S., 2009
  • James Hayes, Spatial and compositional variability associated with forest fire severity in a Ponderosa Pine forest of northeastern New Mexico, Ph.D., 2008
  • Noriyuki Sato, Impacts of climatic change and variability on winter-road maintenance in North America, Ph.D., 2008