College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate GIS & RS Certificate

Students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of coursework including all other College requirements for certificates and the following:

  1. GEOG G336 Environmental Remote Sensing and G338 Geographic Information Science
  2. GEOG G436 Advanced Remote Sensing: Digital Images Processing or G438 Advanced Geographic Information Science
  3. GEOG G439 Seminar in Geographic Information Science
  4. At least 15 credit hours selected from the following courses:
    • GEOG G237 Mapping Our World
    • GEOG G250 Computing in the Geospatial Sciences
    • GEOG G436 Advanced Remote Sensing: Digital Image Processing (if not selected for item 2 above)
    • GEOG G438 Advanced Geographic Information Science (if not selected for item 2 above)
    • GEOG G439 GIS and Environmental Analysis
    • GEOG G488 Applied Spatial Statistics
    • GEOG G489 Advanced Geospatial Data Analysis
    • GEOL G424 Geographic Information Systems Applications in Geology
    • SPEA E418 Vector-Based Geographic Information Systems
    • SPEA E419 Applied Remote Sensing of the Environment
    • SPEA V465 Geographic Information Systems for Public and Environmental Affairs
  5. A minimum of 9 credit hours must be completed on the Bloomington campus.