College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Courses

Courses in the graduate program are designed so that students may develop a general background in geographic theory, substantial depth in their areas of research specialization, and the technical and methodological skills necessary for research. A major portion of graduate course work consists of seminars and individual research courses in which students work closely with faculty members. The program also includes a set of three core courses which students are generally required to complete in the early stages of their program. "Research Problems in Geography I" (G500) introduces students to the history of the discipline, to the problems of carrying out research, and requires that students identify their own research area. The second course in the core program "Research Problems in Geography II" (G501), requires students to prepare a research proposal for advanced study. The final course in the core program is "Applied Spatial Statistics" (G588), which prepares students to use quantitative geographic data in their research; additional methods courses may be added to G588 as appropriate. Also, Ph.D. students in Geography at IU are required to acquire expertise in a minor field outside of the department.

Please see the Geography courses and requirements in the Graduate School Bulletin