College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Funding

Competitive opportunites for funding:

Research Assistantships (RA)
These are funded by individual faculty research funds. The exact award is dependent on the faculty member. These are normally at least financially equivalent to an AI position. Like AI positions these are 0.5 FTE (20 hour per week) positions with a stipend, fee scholarship, and health insurance.

Associate Instructorships (AI)
Laboratory Instructors: Responsibilities include meeting laboratory/ discussion sections and holding office hours and help sessions; attending lectures; setting up labs; proctoring exams; grading labs and exams as necessary; and attending weekly organizational meetings with the instructor in charge of the course. Independent Instructors: Responsibilities include the independent organization and teaching of a course within the department including the promulgation of syllabus and choice of course text; the preparation and presentation of lectures; the composition and grading of exams, exercises and labs. These are 0.5 FTE (20 hour per week) positions with a stipend, fee scholarship, and health insurance.


There are a number of Indiana University fellowships that are available to students at various stages in their graduate careers. The Department will nominate appropriate incoming students for Awards. To be nominated for such awards as the Chancellor's Fellowships, Fellowships for underrepresented students, and Women in Science Fellowship it is critical that we have a completed application by early January. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for external fellowships and use them at Indiana University. In addition the University provides support in Grant writing, and finding sources of funds through the GradGrant Center.

About funding

Ph.D. students are normally funded for 5 years, given adequate progress. The department does not fund terminal Masters degrees.

External funding:

There are various external funding opportunities.