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Ph.D. student Julia Ferguson receives first award from John Odland Graduate Research Fund

Student BuildingJulia Ferguson’s research proposal on “An Interdisciplinary Comparison of River Restoration Styles” received the first award from the newly created John Odland Graduate Research Fund (May 2011). While a large number of river restorations have occurred in the United States, very little research has monitored their success and data from projects that are monitored have not been widely disseminated. Ferguson’s research will involve field work to quantitatively evaluate the effects of specific types of river restorations on the geomorphology and biology of small rivers. The widespread restoration system called Natural Channel Design (NCD) will be compared to projects that do not use NCD.

The John Odland Graduate Research Fund recognizes the many contributions of Professor John Odland (March 26, 1943 – September 14, 2009) to the Department of Geography at Indiana University. Professor Odland served Indiana University for over 35 years and enriched both IU and the broader academic community in myriad ways. His research was meticulous, rigorous, and innovative – and this fund seeks to support graduate student researchers who aim for these same qualities.