College of Arts and Sciences

Human Geography


  • Cultural Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • Urban Geography


Human Geographers at Indiana University are engaged in research that focuses on several key sub-fields of the discipline including transportation, economic geography, regional development, urban-economic restructuring, globalization, tourism, and landscape. Combining both quantitative (e.g. spatial statistics and network modeling) and qualitative approaches (e.g. ethnography and participant observation), the fundamental goal of these studies is to better understand how humans organize and participate in their economic, political, cultural, and social environment.

Faculty members in Geography are actively engaged in multi-disciplinary research efforts on campus, providing a deep network of academic interconnections within the department. This includes collaborations with scholars in Anthropology, West European Studies, Economics, Telecommunications and many other departments.

While the Human Geography program prepares students for academic positions, graduates also join local, regional, and national government research units (e.g. Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Commission, U.S. Census Bureau) as senior planners or research directors. Students typically take core courses followed by course work and seminars in the above areas. A key component of our program is the close interaction of students with faculty members in independent research and readings courses in their areas of interest.