College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Advising

The Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the Department of Geography is Jody Ferguson. Her office is located in Student Building 055. To schedule an appointment, visit and search for “ferguson”.

Jody provides prospective and current undergraduate students with information about majors and the minor in Geography, as well as departmental course offerings. She is responsible for submitting major and minor declarations and helps students build class schedules and track their academic progress throughout the course of their undergraduate career. She assists students with internship opportunities, and alerts students to upcoming events and other opportunities. She can speak to students about job possibilities, and directs students to useful on-campus resources (academic, professional, and personal).

Students interested in a geography internship for credit should first schedule an appointment with Jody to discuss the internship. She can also provide the form that must be filled out and submitted to Susan White in the main office (Student Building Room 120) to be approved to register for course credit for internship via GEOG G460 (Internship in Geographical Analysis).

Jody can also assist students interested in taking GEOG G450 (Undergraduate Readings and Research in Geography) for credit.