Handbook of Critical Physical Geography

Rebecca Lave, C. Biermann, S. N. Lane
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This handbook presents a collection of work and research within the new field of Critical Physical Geography, which gives critical attention to relations of social power with deep knowledge of a particular field of biophysical science. Critical Physical Geography research integrates physical and social science, according careful attention to biophysical landscapes and the power relations that have increasingly come to shape them, and to the politics of environmental science and the role of biophysical inquiry in promoting social and environmental justice. Early chapters lay out the scope and guiding principles of the field, while the bulk of the volume presents a carefully selected set of empirical work, demonstrating the range and intellectual strength of existing integrative research.


Lave, R., C. Biermann, and S. N. Lane, eds. 2018. Handbook of Critical Physical Geography. London: Palgrave.