Dennis Conway

Dennis Conway

Professor Emeritus, Geography


  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1976


  • Development
  • Transnational migration
  • Migration-development relationships
  • Caribbean tourism- alternative models

Current projects

  • Return of the ‘Next Generations’ to Trinidad and Tobago: Narratives and life stories of returning transnational professionals: their experiences, practices and social remittances.

Representative publications

  • Robert B. Potter, Dennis Conway, Ruth Evans and Sally Lloyd-Evans (editors), Key Concepts in Development Geography. London: SAGE, April, 2012.
  • Dennis Conway and Robert B. Potter (editors) Return Migration of the ‘Next Generations’: Twenty-First Century Transnational Mobility. Aldershot, UK and Burlington USA: Ashgate, July, 2009.
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  • Conway Dennis, Robert B Potter and Godfrey St. Bernard (2012) Caribbean return migration in later life: family issues and transnational experiences as influential pre-retirement factors. Forthcoming in J Percival (ed) Return Migration in Later Life: Personal, Social and Cultural Considerations, London: Policy Press.
  • Conway Dennis (2012) Revisiting the nexus of migration-development-environment relationships: Migration’s growing importance as an influential determinant. Forthcoming in the Thai Geographer, Sipakom University, Nakompatom, Thailand.
  • Conway Dennis and Robert B. Potter (2012/2013) Transnational urbanism in Port of Spain: Returning middle-class urban elites. Forthcoming in Urban Geography.
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  • The Editorial Advisory Board of Progress in Development Studies (Edward Arnold), 1999 to present.

Student theses

  • Frank Marshalek, Cuban economic reform: small businesses, household decision-making, informality and networking, Ph.D. in progress
  • Todd Lindley, Intercountry Adoption in the Philippines and the United States: A Multi-sited Approach in an Era of Transnationalism. Ph.D. July, 2010.
  • Benjamin Timms, “Renegotiating Peasant Ecology: Responses to Relocation from Celaque National Park, Honduras.” Ph.D. March, 2007.
  • Kristen Lonard-Johnston. Gentrification: A Socio-economic Construction in Indianapolis, Indiana. M.A. 2008.
  • Benjamin Schultz Latino Growth and Demographic Trends in Non-Traditional Destinations of Kentucky. M.A. 2007.
  • Joseph Rodman. Return Migration to Grenada: Transnational Developments. M.A. 2005.
  • Peter Hossler. Hungry for Peace: Integrating Resources into a More Comprehensive Understanding of the War in Mozambique. M.A. 2004.
  • Keshav Bhattarai, “Household Land Ownership and the Use of Forests in Bara District, Central Tarai Region of Nepal.” Ph.D. 2001