Yuri Kim

Yuri Kim

Lecturer, Geography


  • Ph.D., Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2012


  • Watershed hydrology
  • Hydrologic modeling
  • Water resources backcast and forecast under the climate change and Landuse/Landcover changes
  • Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing


  • G107: Physical System of Environment
  • G336/535: Environmental Remote Sensing
  • G338/538: Geographic Information Science
  • G438/539: Advanced Geographic Information Science
  • Watershed GIS


  • Kim, Yuri, Lawrence E. Band, and Darren L. Ficklin, 2017. Projected hydrological changes in the North Carolina piedmont using bias-corrected North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP) data. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 12: 273-288.
  • Kim, Yuri, Lawrence E. Band, and Conghe Song, 2014. The Influence of Forest Regrowth on the Stream Discharge in the North Carolina Piedmont Watersheds. Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) 50(1): 57-73.
  • Band, L. E., McDonnell, J. J., Duncan, J. M., Barros, A., Bejan, A., Burt, T., Dietrich, W. E., Emanuel, R. E., Hwang, T., Katul, G., Kim, Y., McGlynn, B., Miles, B., Porporato, A., Scaife, C. and Troch, P. A., 2014. Ecohydrological flow networks in the subsurface. Ecohydrology, 7: 1073–1078.