Sally Letsinger

Sally Letsinger

Senior Research Scientist, Geography


  • Ph.D., Indiana University, 2001


  • Watershed hydrology, especially in areas of complex terrain
  • 3-D groundwater modeling
  • GIS and remote sensing as tools for spatial data analysis
  • Numerical methods to solve geologic and hydrogeologic problems
  • Land-surface energy balance modeling
  • Hydrologic implications of a changing climate
  • Water infrastructure, water sustainability
  • Soil moisture, vapor-intrusion studies

About Sally Letsinger

Sally Letsinger is a hydrogeologist with over 30 years of experience in applying an interdisciplinary background and analytical skills to a wide range of natural-resource issues. She has served as principal investigator on many projects in  areas using coupled GIS and numerical or statistical modeling (both groundwater and surface water) to guide prioritization of best management practices; recharge-discharge area mapping; and determination of wetland hydrologic function for restoration or mitigation banking. Recent projects have involved natural hazard risk analysis applied to topics as diverse as aquifer sensitivity to contamination, sinkhole development, and fault-slip. The effect of the composition of source water distributed through drinking water distribution systems, water infrastructure, and water sustainability under climate change are new areas of inquiry.


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